Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday - What am I Working On?

I thought I would have a weekly blog about what I am currently working on, so you can keep an eye out in my Etsy Shop if you see anything you like here.

First off though, I recently relisted a pair of Longies made from a recycled lambswool sweater. They are grey with an orange stripe. They are super soft, and nice and thick for the upcoming longie season! I reduced the price also to $15 (from $19) so get them while they are hot!

The matching soaker is available here.

With that said, I am currently working on a huge local order. A complete starter pack complete with One Size diapers, wipes, doublers, and a wool soaker. I am working hard to get this order done before I go back to work/school soon.

I will soon be listing some of these wipes on my Etsy. They are super cute and will come in very handy for wiping bums, bathing, or washing pretty much anything. They are made with one layer of flannel (you get to pick the print!) and the other layer is cotton terry cloth.

This is the next item to be listed on La Petite Krott Creations Etsy shop. I am knitting them in a slightly different way than I normally knit my longies. In the past I have knit my longies, basically as soakers with longer legs. I found this allows for the same amount of "roomy-ness" in the back end for those bulky diapers, but with long legs to keep baby warm on those cold nights. I am using a few different free patterns for these, basically combining all the best parts of each pattern.

These will look more like regular pants, but they have short rown knit in the back to add room for the diaper. I am planning on making a nice girly ruffle at the bottom of the legs. More pictures to come once they are finished!

But, first I must finish another custom order as well.

This is the start of a Ribbie, made for a little baby boy on his way to this world. The waist is a orangy-red colour. I added the narrow green stripe, and it turned out least I think so! I will duplicate the green and orange stripe pattern on the leg cuffs. I hope they like it! I may have to make a second one to list on Etsy as well.

Well, that is all for this week's work. Check back again next Wednesday to see What I am Working on :)

P.S. Any colour suggestions for longies are welcome :)