Saturday, September 26, 2009

Completed Orders

I have been working on a huge local order, which included my one size diapers with inserts, cloth wipes, doublers, nursing pads, and a wool soaker. It is finally completed. Seeing all the diapers stacked up makes me anxious to have a second child just so I can get busy making cloth diapers for him/her. But that won't be for another year or two anyway.

I am really happy with how another custom order turned out. She ordered 1 Lavender Cream Ribbie, and two custom Wool soakers. She chose chocolate brown with rose, and pink with white. They turned out really nice.

She also ordered a one size diaper in a girly print. Because her daughter has chubby legs, I serged the leg area so it would be less bulky in that area. The waist is still topstitched.

Baby gloves are finished as well and in the mail! They are so tiny. I think I will have to make a pair for myself next.