Pricing and Policies - Customs and Instock

Pricing and Policies (updated September 2011)



I will be listing my custom spots on my Hyena cart and on Etsy. Currently I am accepting no more customs until after the new year!
A $10 deposit is required to hold your spot. This is a non-refundable deposit. Once I have confirmed measurements and yarn choices with you, 50% of the estimated final cost is required prior to me beginning to knit your item(s) (smaller payments may be made up until time of shipping if this is a problem for you). Once your item is finished, I will give you a final quote including shipping.

No returns or refunds are issued on instock or custom items. If there is a problem with the workmanship, I will repair it at my expense (the buyer is required to pay return shipping to me only). I want my customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase. If there are any issues at all with workmanship, please let me know!

I am also willing to knit anything that is not on my price list. I can knit anything with a pattern...or not (depending on the item).

I am licensed to knit the following garments:

  • The Ribbie - my own design, a one size knit soaker (can also be made into shorties/longies)
  • Petit Garçon Romper - my own design, a winter or summer romper with a long button band and no buttons at gusset, polo or regular style collar
  • The Zoe - my own design, a romper/dress/tunic pattern with owl cables on the chest
  • Molly Bubble Romper - modification available with short or long sleeved/legged
  • Ian Polo Romper - modification available with short or long sleeved/legged
  • Eviepants - soaker/shorties/bloomers/longies/skirties/cables/ruffled cuffs/etc.
  • Springtime in Hollis Sweater - available with or without a hood/short or long sleeves
  • Genevieve Sweater - an empire waist sweater with cable detail
  • Foggy Mountain Coveralls - these can be made as shortalls or even skirt-alls!
  • Summer Pinafore - my own design, in true pinafore style with open back
  • Tallulah Dress - my own design, cinched waist, and pleated skirt with lace edge detail

Pricing is always a flat $0.17/yard with the exception of cables and flat knitting.  Cable work, flat knitting, or any complicated pattern is $0.19/yard.
To calculate the price, take the # of yards in a skein, divide by the # of ounces...this will give you the yards/ounce of that particular yarn.  You can then calculate the cost based on how many ounces are knit!
Exemple:  You send me three 4oz skeins of yarn.  It has 200 yards per 4oz skein.  That is 50 yards per oz.  If I use 6 oz to knit your garment, then 6 x 50 = 300 yards.  You can then calculate the cost by multiplying 300 x 0.17 = $51!

If you have any questions about cost, I will give quotes on the cost in advance.  50% of this total will be due before I begin knitting, then once the item is complete, I will determine how many oz I used and calculate the actual cost with shipping.

This is the fairest way to determine pricing for both customer and myself.  This way you are only charged for the yarn that is knit.