Saturday, April 17, 2010

How hot is wool really??

This question always seems to come up with mama's thinking of finding the wool love...."Wouldn't a wool cover be too hot in the summer?" We can all find the articles that say that wool helps regulate body heat, allows air flow, breathability, and keeps baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but a smart mama actually took time to take the temperature of various diaper combinations during hot summer days!! (quoted from this thread)

Cloth diaper temperatures taken 4 days in a row when the afternoon temp
reached almost 90°, each day she tried different diapering combinations.
Here are the results after 15 minutes outside, temperature inside the

  • Disposables 102.5°
  • FB 101.5° (this would be the PUL diaper)
  • Fleece pocket 100°
  • Fitted with fleece shorts 98.5°
  • Pinned prefold with fleece shorts 97°
  • Fitted with wool shorts 96°
  • Pinned prefold with wool shorts 95.5°
  • Just a fitted 95°
  • Just a pinned prefold 94°
So, as you can see, a wool cover only adds 1° of heat to your babies bum in the summer! Of course, these results are not exact since we can't be sure that the temperature outside was, only that is was close to 90°...but the difference between disposables/PUL and a fitted is obvious!

Just something to think about when you put a diaper on your baby this summer :)