Sunday, October 25, 2009

Knitting Sneak Peeks

Child size socks in grassy green and a redish-orange for a little man. These will go in the mail tomorrow.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Long Ribbie finished

These are finally finished. I always forget how long they take to knit compared to other longies. They are ribbed throughout to make them usable for a long time. They will go in the mail Monday as soon as they are dry.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Snappy Nappy Giveaway at Audrey's Country Crafts

Would you like to win a FREE Snappy Nappy Flannel Diaper?? You can enter at Audrey's Country Crafts Blog until November 2 at 10pm Central time.

Here's some more information on my Snappy Nappies:

These are a One Size fits all diaper with snap closure. These professionally attached polyacetal-resin snaps are sure to last the life of your diaper! These are meant to fit from newborn up to toddler. Snappy Nappies feature: - elastic at legs and back to hold in leaks - 100% natural Cotton flannel (many patterns available) - polyacetal resin snaps (hook and loop available at waist upon request) - Includes a soaker layer that is separate from the body of the diaper, which consists of 4 layers of flannel and one layer of terry cloth when folded - Separate soaker layer allows a thorough wash and a shorter dry time - adjustable from newborn to toddler (approx 8-35lbs)

The winner will be able to choose from my many patterns available here.

Good luck to all who enter!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

100 Sales coming up!!

I am happy to announce that I am reaching the home-stretch for sale #100!! I will be giving a refund of 50% off the 100th item sold in my Etsy shop to one lucky customer! Only 8 more sales to go as of today :)

Refund will be issued through paypal, does not include shipping costs.

Changing Shop

I will slowly be changing from what was mostly a Made to Order Etsy shop to an In Stock store with only a few custom slots per month. I have been so busy with sales, which I am very thankful for, but I really don`t like making my customers wait longer than they have to. So, most of my items will be already made and ready to ship once orders are placed.

The custom slots on my Etsy shop will remain until they are purchased or they expire.

To request a custom order, you can email me at

Monday, October 12, 2009

Some More Orders Finished....Here are some sneak peaks

I finished a lovely white with rose trim soaker, it turned out really nicely :)

These next items are for a special little girl's halloween costume. Can you guess what she will bee??

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conversion of bumGenius Diapers

I have converted many bumGenius diapers to snaps lately. I remove the worn out velcro and replace it with snaps using my professional KAM snap press. This just justifies my choice in using snaps on my diapers rather than velcro. I remember, whenever I took my diapers out of the dryer, that annoying diaper chain I would always get. There is none of that with snaps! And I swear these snaps will outlast your diaper. It is a huge chore to remove a mis-placed snap, believe me!

So I hope they work out better for you, Katie!
If you would like me to convert your worn out bumGenius velcro to snaps, send me an email at