Friday, November 7, 2008

First Blog

Ok, this is my first blog message...let`s see...

I guess I will start by telling you all a bit about me...I am a mother to a gorgeous 2 year old daughter named ZoƩ. I started sewing, knitting, and crocheting when I was a little girl. Then when my daughter was born I sewed all her cloth diapers. Just recently have I discovered the wonders of wool as a diaper cover. I wish I had discovered it sooner to avoid all the diaper rashes that come with plastic/vinyl/pul covers.
So, I decided to knit some up and sell them to give others the chance to find out about this wonderful fibre. I now have a small obsession with wool. I grew up on a farm, where I used to help my dad shear the wool off the sheep. I never thought then that I would be knitting with it as much as I am :)
So you can sheck out my etsy shop at
So far I have cloth diapers, wool soakers, cotton cloths/wipes, and I will soon have some infant mary cute!!


Dre said...

C'est formidable!

Pegg said...

Wonderful first post!! whoohoo!!

Anonymous said...

Hiya! My niece's daughter's name is Zoe also. I think it's such a unique name.

Checked out your shop, wool diaper covers, what an interesting concept!

I'm allergic of course, so they would never do for me ... but then, I've been out of diapers for quite some time. 'wink'